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Introduction of the Chinese Society of Rare Earths (CSRE)


The Chinese Society of Rare Earths (CSRE), founded in 1979, is the first national society on rare earth science, technology and applications in the world. CSRE helps members connect with their colleagues and other scientific professionals. CSRE is the gathering point for rare earth scientists and engineers who are looking for opportunities to collaborate, interact, share their research and to advance the sciences.


In addition to publishing 2 peer-reviewed journalsJournal of Rare Earth (in bothChinese and English editions) and Chinese Rare Earths (in Chinese edition) and the world's leading newsletter on rare earth, Chinese Rare Earth InformationCSRE offers the most comprehensive databases of disclosed research works in rare earth science and technology. Plus, CSRE hosts a multitude of outstanding meetings and conferences that cover every aspect of our profession. These resources help blaze pathways toward scientific progress and career advancement.


Like you, CSRE is always searching for the next frontier. We are at the forefront of training the next generation of multicultural rare earth scientists and engineers. Weare advocating for rare earth science and high-tech industry on our government and in legislatures nationwide. We are committed to supporting programs that will ensure the future of our profession. Now more than ever, we are leading the way on rare earth science and technology.


CSRE has following 15 sub-committees which can provide you more aborative andelaborate services:

(1) Rare Earth Geochemistry and Ore Dressing

(2) Rare Earth Chemistry and Hydrometallurgy

(3) Rare Earth Magnetic Materials and Magnetism

(4) Rare Earth New Materials

(5) Rare Earth Catalytic Materials

(6) Application of Rare Earths in Iron and Steel

(7) Application of Rare Earth in Casting

(8) Rare Earth Analytical Chemistry

(9) Application of Rare Earth in Ceramic and Glass

(10) Rare Earth Refining

(11) Environmental Protection on Rare Earth Industry

(12) Rare Earth Phosphor and Luminescence

(13) Application of Rare Earths in Agriculture

(14) Rare Earth Information

(15) Technique and Economy of Rare Earth Enterprises